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My studies are Computer Engineering, although I have managed to finish the race were quite advanced for giving me all the tools to face any project.


Courses Taken

Certification of  BrighStor or ARCserve  Computer Associates.

Course  "Tele monitoring and SCADA"  issued by the  Institute of Technology University  with a total of thirty clock hours.

Approved and attended  Universidad Tecnolóogica Nacional  in the course on  "Analysis, Design and Administration of LAN and WAN net"  with a total of thirty-four Clock.

Approved and attended  Universidad Tecnolóogica Nacional  in the course on  CCNA  with a total of four semesters than seventy hours passed.

Course: Introduction to Installing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1. Time course of 40 hours.  ^ TOP


Instructor Administration of Windows NT 4 Server.

Instructor Development and Implementation of Databases Microsoft SQL Server.

Instructor of Microsoft Office.

Intructor Microsoft Visual Basic 6.

Instructor de Microsoft Access.

Instructor de Remote Control, Software Delivery y Asset Management. Computer Associates.


Known Software

Software that is known or used are:

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 3.1 , 9x , XP , CE , 2000 Professional y Server, Vista, 2003 Server. Linux (RedHat, SuSE, Debian, etc.). AIX. IOS Cisco.

Software: Microsoft Office 97, 2000, 2002, 2007. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Outlook Expess, Other.

Administration Administrative Tools Windows 2003, SMS, Ship IT, IT Aim, DameWare, Control IT, BrighStor, eTrus Server, Unicenter TNG, others.

Networks: Network Assistant, Cisco, WhatsUp, 3Com, Network IT, QoS, Asterix, Other. Setup CISCO equipment.

Development: Basic, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, VBA, C++, ASP, ASPX, HTML, PHP, SQL, JAVA, other.

Database: SQL Server, MSDE, Microsoft Access, Fox, Visual Fox, MySQL, PostGres, Informix, Oracle, other.



Repair and maintenance of computers, printers and others.

Armed Networks Lan, Wan, Man and Wireless. Armed VPN. Structured cabling network or telephone. VoIP networks.